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TBA Fact Sheet

Started in 1981 – in Vienna, Austria under name the Evangelical Biblical
Institute and has held residential classes, extension classes, or church based
seminars continuously since that time.

Re-established in 1998 – in Croatia as the Theological Biblical Academy, full-
time classes started in 2000.

Under EBI – 21 graduates from three-year program and 20 from one year
TBA – 23 graduates from 3/4-year program and 11 who have finished at least
one year of study.

All together graduates serve in all parts of former Yugoslavia – expect Kosovo –
as well as in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Austria, and England. Graduates and former students are regularly preaching in ~40% of the Baptist
Churches in Croatia.

14 Faculty, Grads, and former students are involved in 12 church planting
projects in three countries.

Churches planted: 2

Graduates currently serving as pastors: 13 (several wives have benefited from
and received diplomas from TBA).

Graduates participating in teaching: 6
Graduates who have pursued advanced degrees: 8

In addition to its center in Krapina, TBA currently holds regular seminars in 4
locations as part of its BIBLOS program.
TBA has published more than 30 books as well. Professors and graduates have
also written several books.

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