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The primary purpose of TBA is to be helping churches by means of training students as servants of the same, so that they acquire biblical-theological knowledge with the goal that they become skilled interpreters of the Holy Scriptures, that they be completely dedicated to scriptural values and that they develop skills which will help them to be completely equipped for the "work of ministry" (Eph.4:11-12).

Plan of Study
The plan of study of TBA is based in the Holy Scriptures, with the purpose to influence the spiritual, academic, personal and professional development of participants. The plan of study of TBA will also be developing a critical mind toward all academic disciplines, with which the same will have engagement.

TBA endeavors to help participants achieve the necessary knowledge and understanding of the Holy Scriptures, that is, their content and meaning as it is written in the infallible Word of God, whose rules are inerrant for faith and practice of Christians. Simultaneously TBA develops the participants' capability as independent and constructive thinkers for all areas of spiritual, church and mission ministries.

TBA is committed to help participants develop the skills of studying the Holy Scriptures, of preaching, of teaching, of mission, of church administration and of communicating the Gospel.

The statement of faith and the plan of study of TBA endeavor to help participants to develop character and conviction which will reflect Jesus Christ (Mk.10:45 Phil.2:5-8).

Spiritual Leaders
TBA, conscious of its spiritual, biblical and reformation heritage, desire to help participants to become spiritual leaders of conservative-Baptist and like-minded churches, of schools and mission societies at home and abroad.

TBA respects persons and institutions who have other theological convictions, whose theology differs from the Statement of Faith of TBA. TBA's Statement of Faith does not contain liberal and ecumenical theologies, but maintains the biblical doctrine, in contrast to those who reject the cardinal and historical doctrines of biblical Christianity.

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