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Continuous prayer requests for Croatia and Region

  • Pray that God would open blind eyes and free sinners from the bonds of traditional religion, from secularism, and from materialism and bring revival to Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Kosovo.

  • Pray for the ministry of the Theological Biblical Academy to train pastors, church planters, and expository preachers to fill the many empty pulpits in this region as well as plant churches in the many cities, towns, and communities that lack a solid Bible church.

  • Pray for the steadfastness of graduates who often work alone without financial support or even other qualified church leaders to share the burden of ministry. Pray that support for pastors, church planting, and training leaders will arise from local churches in this region.

Current prayer requests for Croatia and region

  • Pray for 5 full time and 4 half time students of TBA

  • Pray for on going church planting in Bjelovar

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